Year: 2011

Top 10 Quotes from the 2011 ASPO-USA Peak Oil Conference

This past week I attended the 7th annual ASPO-USA Peak Oil conference in Washington DC.  All of the talks were very interesting, and I was happy to see that at least two members of our congress, Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett

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Peak Oil 101 Last Friday, September 23rd, 2011, I presented this “Peak Oil 101” presentation at Cornell University.  We had Dr. Chris Martenson, a renowned peak oil author and Johnson School alumnus, join us by phone to answer questions after the presentation. Before the lecture, the attendees

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The Fourth Release of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Late last week the Obama administration announced that they would be releasing 30 million barrels of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve as part of a broader US-led release by the International Energy Agency of 60 million barrels of crude oil from member nations. 

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Dollar Alternatives for a Peak Oil World

Some of the more alarmist peak oil writers have put forth the idea that once we reach peak oil, the world’s fiat currencies will experience hyperinflation and currency collapse.  The general argument made by these authors, is that in the

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ETF Spotlight: Australia – EWA

Australia, with its vast resource wealth and political stability, is uniquely positioned to benefit from peak oil by exporting energy and raw materials at higher prices to an increasingly energy-starved world.  At the same time, its geographic remoteness and depleting

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If Libya’s Oil is Shut Down, Oil Could Hit $142/bbl

There is some concern right now that because of the potential imminent collapse of the Libyan government, the country may have to temporarily shut down oil production.  This would be a major issue, because Libya is currently the world’s 11th

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Wikileaks Confirms Fears of Saudi Peak Oil – An Analysis

Last week, Wikileaks released four diplomatic cables which had been sent from the US embassy and consulates in Saudi Arabia to the U.S. Department of State.  The main headline from these cables was the fact that the US government privately

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Oil Supply and Demand and the Next Oil Price Spike

I gave this presentation to my energy economics class at Cornell last week.  In the presentation I describe how the supply and demand of the world oil industry have changed recently and use this analysis to argue that we will

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The Risks of ETFs – John Bogle’s warning

A couple of months ago I had the chance to sit in on a lecture by John Bogle – the founder of the Vanguard Group and, arguably, the inventor of the Index Fund. During his talk, he mentioned his concern

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Profit from Peak Oil’s Bumpy Plateau

As we enter the new year, it’s time for everyone to come out of the woodwork and make their predictions for 2011.  In the past two weeks, there’s been a cacophony of expert opinions predicting higher oil prices this coming

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