Month: March 2014

Crimea River

The newest addition to the Martin Brother’s Geographic Pun T-Shirt collection:

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Cornhole Board Update

An update on the progress of my “cradle to cradle” sustainable¬†aluminum cornhole board construction: I talked with the people a The Crucible in Oakland and despite being a member and having experience with the machines I want to use, they

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Psychological Trigger Points For Crude Oil Demand Destruction

I’ve talked about demand destruction before in this blog. Demand destruction occurs when the marginal benefit of using more crude oil exceeds the marginal cost for people. Essentially, when oil prices go too high, people use less oil. On a

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Pneumatic Ram Drag Racing Car Accelerator

I’ve often wondered why drag race cars don’t use pneumatic rams to give them a boost of initial acceleration. The system would work on the same principles as an aircraft catapult.¬†You could set up the ram to push against a

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Solidworks Progress

I’ve made a bit of progress on the solidworks model of my three-wheeled electric car. I’ve been playing around with solidworks for my aluminum cornhole board and it’s amazing how quickly you can design and assemble parts once you get

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