Author: Will Martin
Will Martin is an energy analyst and expert on peak oil and alternative currencies. He is an MBA graduate of Cornell University, where he was a Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow and concentrated on studying sustainability in business through the school’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise. Prior to his MBA, Will worked in the energy industry, living in Singapore, Houston and Dubai. Will is a recipient of the 2012 “Pioneer Award” from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO-USA). He currently works as a carbon trading commercial adviser in the San Francisco Bay Area. Will is a bitcoin enthusiast and in 2014 published the book “Anonymous Cryptocurrencies,” which became a #1 best seller in 3 Amazon categories and was the first book to be sold on a decentralized marketplace.

Do Aerator Shower Heads Use More Energy?

Our house had an old “high flow” shower head. As California is in the midst of an epic drought (despite all the recent rain), I was planning on installing a low flow “aerator” shower head. These shower heads mix in

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Peak Oil + Autonomous Cars = Traffic Nightmare

Autonomous Cars For a number of years now, high-end luxury cars have had autonomous cruise control systems that use lasers or radar to maintain a set distance to the car ahead. Earlier this month Tesla rolled out an autonomous driving mode in its

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Suspension Design: Roll Center and Turning Radius

This week I did some work to determine the roll center height of the car and decided on switching from rod end bearings to spherical bearings to improve the tilt angle, while still leaving me with a good steering radius.

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Tilting Three Wheeled Electric Car Suspension 3.0

An update on the tilting three wheeled electric car leaning suspension system. Both front and rear suspension have been updated. The front suspension now includes a rack and pinion steering system with linear actuators. The rear suspension is almost complete.

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Tilting Three Wheeler Suspension 2.1

This is an update of my chassis and suspension design for my tilting three wheeled electric car. I added some linear actuators to allow the car to lean into corners and created an aluminum frame to mount the batteries and

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Chassis 2.1 Update

A quick update on the chassis design for the tilting three wheeled electric car.

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Chassis 1.0 – Tilting Three Wheeler Electric Car

First attempt at the chassis – using a large block of machined aluminum to create a backbone for the car – similar to Colin Chapman’s design of the 1960’s Lotus Elan. The goal is to keep the car light and

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Peak Fish and Sustainable Food’s Last Mile Problem

peak fish

Peak Fish My wife and I are subscribers to a local sustainable “fish share.” It’s like a vegetable CSA except instead of getting locally-grown vegetables we get fish that have been caught off of the San Francisco Bay. The fish are super

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Sustainable Banking

Our Fiat Currency System As the late peak oil writer Michael Ruppert used to say, “until you change the way money works, you change nothing.” Chris Martenson does a great job in his “Crash Course” linking the banking system to

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Tilting Three Wheeler Battery Pack 1.0

I explain the battery pack I’m planning to use in my electric three wheeled tilting car.

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