Reference Library

How do you learn how to design and build a car from scratch? You have to become an autodidact and learn everything you can about the subject. I’ve personally been amassing a design library to help me along with this project. In order to speed up the process I’ve scanned and OCRed these references into searchable PDFs and put them into Evernote.  As I have read them, I have highlighted important points in them. This way, I am able to easily search for topics like “camber” or “kingpin inclination” and find all of the important passages on a particular topic across multiple sources.

There are a number of different sources you can turn to for learning about any subject:

  • Published literature – books, magazines, journals
  • Internet – forums, blogs
  • Courses – MOOCs can be great sources of information
  • Experts – nothing beats talking with experienced experts. They’ve already made all of the mistakes, so you don’t have to.
  • Customers – talking with customers about what they want in a car is perhaps the most important aspect of designing a car. Right now the customer is me (I’m building it for myself), but as this project grows I’m going to go out and talk to more enthusiasts.

Overall Design

Sustainable Design

Tire Selection

Suspension Design

Electrical System Design

Chassis Design

Body Design

Will Martin is an energy analyst and expert on peak oil and alternative currencies. He is an MBA graduate of Cornell University, where he was a Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow and concentrated on studying sustainability in business through the school’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise. Prior to his MBA, Will worked in the energy industry, living in Singapore, Houston and Dubai. Will is a recipient of the 2012 “Pioneer Award” from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO-USA). He currently works as a carbon trading commercial adviser in the San Francisco Bay Area. Will is a bitcoin enthusiast and in 2014 published the book “Anonymous Cryptocurrencies,” which became a #1 best seller in 3 Amazon categories and was the first book to be sold on a decentralized marketplace.

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