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Pneumatic Ram Drag Racing Car Accelerator

I’ve often wondered why drag race cars don’t use pneumatic rams to give them a boost of initial acceleration. The system would work on the same principles as an aircraft catapult. You could set up the ram to push against a

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Solidworks Progress

I’ve made a bit of progress on the solidworks model of my three-wheeled electric car. I’ve been playing around with solidworks for my aluminum cornhole board and it’s amazing how quickly you can design and assemble parts once you get

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Reference Library

How do you learn how to design and build a car from scratch? You have to become an autodidact and learn everything you can about the subject. I’ve personally been amassing a design library to help me along with this project.

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Two of the main design goals of the car are simplicity and lightness. Wiring harnesses can become extremely complex and because they are made of dense metals like copper, they can also become extremely heavy. The wiring harness for the average

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Tilting System

Camber Thrust Tilting the wheels of a car so that they lean into a corner (like on a motorcycle) is most beneficial because it creates “camber thrust.” Tires can develop cornering force in two ways: slip angle and camber thrust. Slip

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Suspension Geometry There are a number of different types of suspension geometries: live axel, swing axel, multi-link, double wishbone, MacPherson, etc. The most easily-adjustable suspension type is the multi-link geometry. It allows the highest amount of control over everything from kinematic

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Street Legal Requirements

Because the car will be a 3-wheeler, it will technically be classified as a motorcycle for safety purposes. This greatly reduces the amount of legally-required equipment, thereby following our main design principles of simplifying and adding lightness. California CHP Since

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Steering System

Steering Ratio Ackermann Steering Geometry As your car turns, the outer wheels are further from the center of the steering circle than the inner wheels. This causes your wheels to follow two separate paths with two separate circle radii. An Ackermann steering geometry

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Motors & Gearing

One of my main design goals is to keep the mass of the car as low as possible. This means selecting motors that have the most power per unit of weight. I’m planning to run three motors on the car

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Motor Controllers

I’m planning on putting three motors on the car, making it “all wheel drive.” This makes motor control a bit more complicated as I need to have three separate motor controllers that are all linked to the same throttle. Multiple controllers

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