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“It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” Peak Oil What oil price can the global economy support without going into a recession? Have we passed peak $50/bbl oil? Have we passed peak $100/bbl oil? With oil companies cutting

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2014 Predictions

I love New Years because it is the one time of year when experts seem to throw caution to the wind and make wild predictions about asset prices.  Of course, most of these predictions will be wrong because as Yogi

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Harvard’s Fossil Fuel Divestment Statement

Harvard University has been under pressure since last November when 72% of the student body voted in favor of divesting fossil fuels from the school’s $32 Billion endowment. This month the president of Harvard, Drew Faust, responded to this divestment

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Peak Global Energy Efficiency

Fossil fuels are finite and eventually their global production will peak and decline.  Since our global economic growth has a nearly perfect correlation with global energy consumption, a decline in global fossil fuel energy availability could mean “the end of

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Global Oil Dashboard – Q2 2013

Here is the second installment of the of the “global oil dashboard” for Q2 2013. I created this tool to help me track the key quantitative indicators of peak oil. Oil is a finite resource and peak oil will happen

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Chasing Yields

Baby boomers who are retired or close to retirement are finding themselves without a lot of options for “safe” income-generating investments these days. Over the past 60 years the classic 50%/50% stock/bond portfolio has yielded a combined annual income from

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The Core Peak Oil Debate: Speed and Scale

I just got finished reading Ramez Naam’s new book “The Infinite Resource.” The first part of the book is a great overview of peak oil and climate change. He accurately describes the gigantic nature of a both problems and the

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Global Oil Dashboard – Q1 2013

Introducing the “global oil dashboard.”  I created this tool to help me track the key quantitative indicators of peak oil.  Oil is a finite resource and peak oil will happen eventually.  Because some experts, such as the Energy Watch Group,

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Shale Fracking – Energy Independence or Ponzi Scheme?

  Over the past few years, the hype over horizontal multistage hydraulic shale fracturing, or “fracking”, has grown louder and louder.  During the 2012 election, both candidates focused heavily on the technology.   Barack Obama promised to increase permitting on

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Upcoming Speaking Event at 2012 ASPO-USA Conference

For the past 9 months I’ve been exhaustively researching and writing a book that I’ve tentatively titled “Investing for the End of Cheap Oil”. In my book I summarize the current state of peak oil and “peak everything” and I

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