Unsprung Components: Wheels


The stock Ducati 1198 rear wheel has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 6 inches – 152.4 mm
  • Diameter: 17 inches – 431.8 mm
  • Wheel Offset: 22 mm?


The stock rear wheel rim of the Ducati 1198 weights 5.51 kilograms. BST makes carbon fiber wheels that weighs 2.79 kilograms. That is a unsprung weight savings of 6 lbs per corner. Imagine driving with a sack of potatoes strapped on each wheel and you get an idea of how that much unsprung mass can affect handling. These wheels have a static load rating of 550 lbs each – allowing for a 1650 lb total weight for the car. I’m hoping to keep the total weight of the car below 1,000 lbs. The battery pack should be the heaviest component and should weigh less than 500 lbs, leaving 500 lbs for all of the other components. Even with two riders, the total weight should still be well below the load rating of these wheels.

Stock Ducati 1199 Rear Wheel – 5.51 kg:


BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel – 2.79 kg:


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